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Immunizations services

Offered in New Carrollton, Hyattsville, MD

Our immunization services ensure that our patients have immunity to preventable disease through vaccination. Vaccines prevent diseases and reduce the severity of the disease. It is much simpler and less costly to prevent a disease than to treat it. When adequate numbers of individuals are immunized against an infection, it is difficult for the infection to spread and become a pandemic.

Immunizations at Your Wellness Sources

Vaccines work by activating the immune system of the human body to fight against specific diseases. Vaccines are considered very safe and may have side effects just like any other medications. Vaccines side effects may be in the form of a mild reaction.

The most common side-effects or mild reactions to vaccines are:

  • Redness or soreness at the injection site
  • Low-grade fever (usually disappears in a few days)

We ensure that immunizations and re-immunizations are administered according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Immunization Schedules.

CDC Immunization schedule table