Weight Management

Medical Weight Management (MWM)

We all know that weight loss can be a challenge for many people because a piece of your nutrition is not being addressed. Our program is for people who are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for life and for those who want a personal customized nutritional plan that incorporate licensed practitioners,  holistic approach, and social support. We offer tailored weight loss plans, that starts off with an initial body physical and molecular analysis.

What is included in the MWM Program:

  • Initial visit
    • Body Weight/Analysis
    • Comprehensive Medical & Physical Exam
    • Weight Management Molecular Laboratory Profile
  • Followup visit
    • Discussion of Molecular Lab Profile results
    • Evaluation of weight loss goals & outcomes
    • Determination if medication for weight loss is appropriate for you
    • Initiation 90-Day Weight Loss Plan
    • Vitamin B12 injections (if indicated)
    • Nutritional counseling
      • Customized Nutrition Plan


90-Day Weight Loss Program: Medical supervision and support to lose weight safely and effectively.

  • Medical followup visits bi-weekly
  • Low cost medication on-site (cheaper than retail pharmacies)
  • Nutritional coaching to help you make healthier food choices.
  • Fitness exercise recommendations
  • Supportive meetings and more **


Scientifically proven weight management programs, including natural supplements, to help you reach your health and wellness goals